September 17, 2016

Best Posts

These are links to, what I think, are  some of the more worthwhile posts.  Do bear in mind that while most posts were more relevant at the time they were written, they touch upon issues which are timelessly thought provoking.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way that I know of, to go through these posts sequentially.  After you finish reading any of the posts, you’ll have to come back to this page to go to the next post that you’d like to read. 

When Scheme Differences Are Erased
The Strange Investment Choices of ICICI Prudential MF
What I Learnt From Kotak Select Focus
The Murky Inconsistencies Of Axis Hybrid Fund
Baffling Trades In ICICI Securities
The IL&FS Debacle
Of Commissions and Biases
A Nightmare Of Flawed Processes
Of Mutual Fund Investments And Income Tax Notices
The Mysterious Expenses of a Floating Rate Fund
Watch Out For Clandestine Portfolio Changes
The Dubious Rise of Monthly Dividend Plans in Equity Schemes
Moneyback Confidential
When Flagship Funds Falter
A Questionable Classification
Misrepresentation or Deception?
The Moderately Conservative Aggressiveness of Sundaram MF
More To Taurus Than Meets The Eye
Fudging In Plain Sight
Naming Schemes
How Short is ‘Short Term’?
Expense Ratio or Expendable Ratio?
A Mockery of Disclosure
NAV Observations
The Performance Reporting Mess
‘Measured’ Exposure?
The Valuation of Junk Bonds
JSPL paid up. So what?
Reflections on the JPMorgan Episode
More on the JPMorgan Episode
Rated AAAmfs
More Rating Mystery
Active Passive Twist
More on ‘Amazing Quant Fund’
Of Asset Managers and Asset Gatherers
The Trust Deficit
The Notion of Pushing Equity Funds
Daringly Different